• November 2016

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to your child’s senior year at IS 281. We are looking forward to an exciting year filled with educational, social and emotional growth opportunities. Working together, we will surely make this school year one to remember for ‘The Class of 2017’.

    While it may seem to be early in the school year, we are already busy planning Senior Activities. It is our goal to celebrate our Senior Class throughout the school year. There will be a variety of Senior Activities and different events that only members of our Senior Class will be permitted to participate in. Our students have worked very hard over the past two years and I know that this trend will continue during the 2016-2017 school year.

    As a graduating senior, your child will be involved in many special events, all of which culminate with our Graduation Ceremony at the beautiful Grand Prospect Hall on June 21, 2017.  Many of these events will be documented in a hard-covered edition of our Senior Yearbook as well as a DVD covering our senior prom and graduation ceremony.

    As in years past, we will be collecting senior dues that will cover the cost of the many items that your child will need to make his/her senior year a memorable one. The total cost of senior dues will be $110.00.

    This fee will cover the following expenses:

    1. Graduation Ceremony: This year’s ceremony will take place at the beautiful Grand Prospect Hall on 6/21/17.   ($25.00)
    2. Cap/Gown/Tassel: Each senior will receive a cap & gown with a Class of 2017 tassel, as well as 2 printed tickets that will be a keepsake. (#’s 2, 3,4,5,6,7 package – $65.00)
    3. Hard-covered Yearbook: Each senior will receive a hard-covered, colored edition of our year book documenting the student’s senior year.   
    4. Class of 2017 Senior Shirt: The logo for this shirt will be designed here at IS 281.
    5. Autograph Book: Each senior will receive a Class of 2017 autograph.
    6. Diploma Case: Each senior will receive a leatherette IS 281 diploma case.
    7. Keychain: Each senior will receive a Class of 2017 keychain.
    8. Monthly Senior Activities: Senior dues cover the costs for materials, awards, prizes etc.   ($10.00)
    9. DVD: A DVD documenting our prom & graduation ceremony will be mailed to each students home. ($10.00)
    10. Senior Pajama Breakfast: Each year seniors participate in the Senior Class pajama breakfast. Seniors enjoy a special breakfast menu, a DJ, contests and prizes. Staff and students enjoy these activities in their PJ’s.
    11. School Dances: Admission to all school dances (not including prom) will be free for those who have paid senior dues in full.

    ***Please be advised that senior dues must be paid in full in order for students to be eligible to attend the Senior Prom, Senior Trip and Graduation Ceremony. The fees for our Senior Prom & Senior Trip are not included in Senior Dues. Participation in these activities will be determined based upon our ‘demerit program’ (students/parents have already been informed). Students who have not earned graduation in June & students who are excluded from Graduation Ceremony due to excessive demerits will receive a refund of $25.00.

    Students may begin to bring in senior dues upon receipt of this notice. Senior dues should be brought to Ms. Friscia, in room 128, during period 6 (lunch period) only. Partial payments will be accepted in increments of $20.00. Checks or money orders should be made out to IS 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro. Cash is also acceptable. Please write your child’s name and class on the check or money order.

    The Class of 2017 is truly a wonderful group. We have a memorable year planned for them. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Ms. Delfini at 718-996-6706; ext. 2261.



    Ms. Maria Bender, Principal

    Ms. Maria Delfini, Assistant Principal



    Please return this tear-off to room 128 during lunch only. Please fill out both receipts found below.


    Student Name_______________________________________   Class_____________________    Date___________


    Amount of Payment________________                      Cash ___     Check___    Money Order___


    Student Name_______________________________________ Class______________________ Date_____________


    Amount of Payment_____________________            Cash____      Check____ Money Order____