• STEM Science / Engineering / Robotics:
    Fans of CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, and NCIS rejoice! The STEM Science Program will start by identifying how forensic scientists solve crimes.  Hands-on activities will take the lessons away from textbooks and into real-life.  Some of the topics covered will be: Blood Spatter, Fingerprinting, Handwriting Analysis, Ballistics, and Pathology.
    The 8th grade students will explore a College Level Physics class while still in Middle School.  We will focus on topics such as: Sound, Air Pressure, Surface Tension, Parachutes, and Electricity.  Several lab activities will accompany each unit.  The students will play a completely active role in solving the mysteries of Physical Science.
    The second half of the year will be an Inquiry-based immersion into the exciting world of Lego Robotics.  Students will work in teams to construct and program robots using MindStorm EV3.