•        Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time.  For some it is all that is needed.  Ms. Simoes and  some of her I.S. 281 NIA students set out on February 13th to witness first hand the power of love within the community.  Michelle Chen of class 701 writes " During the Sweet Heart Dance, we went to El Caribe to help couples who have been married 50 or more years .To prepare for the party, we split into teams, and went around placing cards and candies at each plate.  After this we were assigned to a certain area. Then when the couples arrived we led them to seats and helped them get settled.  This event was a very sweet thing for us to participate in.  I felt so happy when they thanked us for helping them. They were very grateful, and we were happy to help.  The Sweet Heart Dance was a wonderful experience for us and for them."  Wow  Generations come together to celebrate the feeling of love.  Ms. Simoes adds by saying, "Once again taking the children to the Sweet Heart Dnce is always heartfelt.  The students were able to help decorate and interact with couples. I as always am pleased and happy with service well done."
         On March 3rd Ms. Simoes and a group of students from the NIA program at I.S. 281 attended a dinner to thank them for their service to the community.  The dinner was hosted by State senator Martin Golden and held at the Bay Ridge Manor.  Students feasted on a gourmet meal as the Senator praised them for their generosity towards the community at such a young age.  He encouraged them to continue their efforts in assisting the children and senior citizens of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.
                  Students were excited to meet Senator Golden and have the opportunity to dress up and be treated like royalty.  Theresa Chan of class 807 said " I really enjoy working with the community and I will come back every year to do community service with Cavarllaro".  Joanne Wong of class 801 was happy that she was able to enjoy this experience with her younger sister.  Susana Yau of class 814 enjoyed getting dressed up and going to dinner with her friends.  The students received certificates from the office of Senator Golden acknowledging their wonderful work in the community.
    Ms. Simoes and StudentsSenator Golden and Cav KidsKyra Yau Miguel
    On October 31, 2010 Ms. Simoes and the NIA Community Service students went Owl's Head Park to do the 10th Annual Halloween Walk.  The children volunteered to put on Halloween costumes and become part of scary sceneries to entertain younger children.  We started our journey at 10:00 o'clock in the morning and finished at 8:30 at night.   The kids were very enthusiastic and fully engrossed in making this a great experience for themselves and for the visitors to the park that day.